I was born in Italy 26 springs ago and raised in a small town called Cadeo (picture below) that I still consider my only home.

My background is in Electronics Engineering. I graduated from Polytechnic of Milan and specialised in Automation Engineering at Macquarie University in Sydney.

I started disassembling things when I was very little. That's why I always knew I wanted to be an engineer. At its heart, engineering is about using science to find creative, practical solutions. I was born with a practical bent, that's why I find my job extremely stimulating.

I consider myself to be very versatile. I don't think I have ever settled for just one hobby. I am curious about everything that is new or bizarre. 

Photography is something that has always attracted me. I've been modelling for over 10 years and developed a lot of ideas along the way, but I never considered getting into photography because I never disassembled a camera and I couldn't understand its potential and the use I could make of it. 

After at least 5 years of procrastination in which I would snaps memories in my mind, I finally decided to hit the "purchase" button on eBay and got my first camera, a Sony mirrorless A6300.



I've never really stopped hitting the "purchase" button since, as I have recently upgraded to a film camera and collected so many expired rolls that I can barely fit food in the fridge.

As I don't have a background in photography and I have never studied it, pictures never use to come out as I expected. This has initially been a massive frustration for me, that I am used to numbers and calculations that always return an expected outcome. However, I never considered this being a failure, so I just kept shooting. And shooting. And while you're reading this paragraph, I'm probably still shooting something.

This website is online to house all my intimate memories and experiences throughout my life. I woudn't be pursuing this passion without the incredible support of my photographers' friends and the models that trust my crazy ideas.

I always welcome constructive feedback and compliments, so don't hesitate to reach out! :)